For inbound marketing to succeed, companies must adopt the mindset of an inbound business. In other words, they need to align their inbound marketing efforts with the goals and processes of sales, product, IT, and other departments. For example, when inbound marketing yields more and different types of inbound leads, then sales need to be ready for a different conversation with a prospect. That requires changes to the sales process, and more training, and possibly another look at the company’s revenue model. Easier said than done, of course.

BLUE SAGE Consulting can help. Our inbound business consultants have worked with companies of all sizes and industries to make inbound marketing a key component of their overall business strategy, with a strong focus on:

  • Implementation: Inbound marketing involves many moving parts and requires much effort, so where to start? We’ll work closely with your in-house teams as they design their inbound marketing programs to ensure you understand the company-wide impact of the inbound approach.
  • Adoption: To ensure your entire organization is prepared for inbound marketing, BLUE SAGE provides various training/consulting services to get your team up and running quickly, from skills development workshops to live in-person coaching. We’ll ensure that your entire business is ready to meet the needs of the inbound approach.
  • Measurement: Which inbound marketing metrics hold significance for your business?  BLUE SAGE will help you analyze a wide range of metrics to ensure that your business is making critical decisions based on accurate, relevant, and meaningful data.
  • Growth: Inbound marketing is never complete; it is always a work in progress, and improvements are always needed. We’ll help you determine what’s working and what isn’t and identify key growth areas for your inbound marketing programs.