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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Our company is going through a lot of change right now, and its seems like it wouldn't be the best time to bring in a consultant to help us. What do you suggest?

A: We are often brought in to work through an ongoing transformation. We work with businesses in all stages of transition and are ready to collaborate how and when works best for you and your team. 

Q: What types of projects do you usually take on?

A: Our most common projects involve solving a specific problem, improving day-to-day operations, enhancing marketing efforts, or developing human skills within a business. At BLUE SAGE, our clients often have ideas that must be transformed into actionable concepts or they face problems with unclear causes. We follow a multi-step process to identify issues, define requirements, create a work plan, and execute it. Our goal is to deliver maximum value by understanding the interconnected impacts of problems and solutions across the organization and the marketplace. Success for us means you no longer need our assistance!

Q: We're a mid-sized company. Can you help us too?

A: Of course! We help organizations make the most out of their existing resources.

Q: We're a large organization. How can you help us?

A: Yes, we can. We are most effective for large organizations on a specific problem or challenging area. First, we will work with your teams to define the project scope. Then, we’ll be able to troubleshoot and work with you on a business strategy to then implement the solution as needed. Our consulting services range from product marketing, project management, marketing, operations, sales process, leadership development, and business strategy.