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Q: Our company is going through a lot of change right now, and its seems like it wouldn't be the best time to bring in a consultant to help us. What do you suggest?

A: Often, the BLUE SAGE team is invited to work through the transformation that is underway in an organization. We work with businesses in transition every day and collaborating with organizations in chaos and transformation is exactly what we do.

Q: What types of projects do you usually take on?

A: A typical project for us is one where the client has a specific problem they’re trying to solve (like improve revenue for a product line), or they need help with day-to-day operations or marketing or developing the human skills within their business. Often, a BLUE SAGE client “has an idea” that is struggling to turn into a concept, or “has a problem” whose nature is unknown. We apply a multi-step process to identify the problem or issue, define what’s required to address it, build a work plan and carry it out. We deliver maximum value by understanding the relationships and the rippling impact that a problem and its solutions have across parts of an organization, and into the marketplace. We know we’ve succeeded when you don’t need us anymore!

Q: We're a mid-sized company. Can you help us too?

A: Mid-sized companies and non-profit organizations especially like working with us due to the range of our experience – there’s no need to bring a large consulting firm to get the job done. We help these organizations make the most out of their existing resources by starting (or blending into) the existing team on any given project.

Q: We're a large organization. How can you help us?

A: If you have a specific project or challenging area that you’d like to explore, BLUE SAGE can work with your team to define the overall scope of the work that needs to be done. Perhaps you see the symptoms of a complex business problem, but you’re not sure what the cause of the problem is. We’ll troubleshoot and identify problem areas, work with you on business strategy, and implement the solution as needed. Our services range from product marketing, project management, marketing, operations, sales process, leadership development and business strategy. We’re laser-focused on the problem and project – then we move on when the work is completed.