Organizational Optimization
Is your business strategy clearly stated and widely understood within your organization? Have you defined the areas that need to be overhauled or refined? More importantly, is leadership prepared to turn that strategy into practice? For many companies, the answer to these questions is unfortunately  “no” – resulting in disorganization, inefficiency, and lost opportunities.
In our view, our clients benefit from an approach that’s both strategic and tactical which helps them to get the job done. We’ve worked with hundreds of companies to ensure they get the most out of their people, processes and systems with consulting services.

Our Consulting Services Include:

Supporting an Agile Organization
Leadership and organizational improvement are at the core of an agile organization. Need to figure out how to build a culture of responsiveness? We understand how to create – and support – sound business practices that encourage a performance culture.
Transition Management
Change is difficult, regardless of the size of your company size or the industry that you’re in. So if your business is transitioning to a new market, a new product or a new model, BLUE SAGE can help you manage the process without skipping a beat.
Training & Development
Whether you need to train your sales team on how to sell a new product, or develop your leadership team’s core competencies, BLUE SAGE can create and deliver a variety of training and skills development programs.
Identifying Customer Needs
You might have a great product or service, but if it’s not what the customer wants, your business will suffer. We’ll conduct primary research to identify the basic needs of your customers and show you how to address them.
Gap/Opportunity Analysis and Identification
Venturing into a new market? Targeting a new consumer demographic? We’ll help you determine the potential risks and upside by researching and creating a detailed gap/opportunity analysis for your organization.
Business Model Assessment and Analysis
If there are gaps in your business model, or flaws in the underlying logic, BLUE SAGE will help you identify and remedy them with a hands-on, collaborative approach.