Workshops & Training

Management & Leadership

Learning objectives can be focused on personal skills development, team development or organizational intervention.


Classes and workshops help even the most advanced organizations to improve internal and external communications for clarity and productivity.

Process & Operations

Whether your company is just starting a formal process initiative or fine-tuning an existing one, our training can have an immediate and direct impact.

Managing Change

Education can help with the challenges of leading change, understanding one’s personal involvement in change, and finding strategies to accelerate organizational change.

Leveraging our work in academia and executive education, we offer training and skills development in many formats. Whether you’re building a competency framework for managers and leaders or you need a customized workshop to manage through a step-by-step process implementation, we can complement your initiative.  Each training and skills development interaction is customized to your organization’s needs and may include simulations, exercises, lectures, and assessments.  Over the years, the BLUE SAGE team has created and delivered hundreds of training sessions, simulations, and workshops on various topics.

Management & Leadership
  • Working remotely
  • Time management
  • Collaboration & teamwork
  • Strategic planning
  • Performance management
  • Mentoring across your organization
  • Effective sales management
  • Managing in a global environment
  • Cultivating high performing teams
  • Developing & inspiring people
  • Strengths-based leadership
  • Road mapping & strategic planning
  • Leadership Compass
  • Leadership styles & workplace principles
  • Communication strategies and planning
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Assertiveness techniques
  • Facilitation tactics
  • Developing strong communications and listening skills
  • Persuasion and debate
Process & Operations
  • Process development & planning
  • Goal setting
  • Sales process development
  • Sales engagement strategy and program
  • Building a customer service organization
  • Process improvement
  • Project management basics
  • Developing your operating model
Managing Change
  • Culture and change
  • Managing people through change
  • Change readiness strategies
  • Transforming your organization
  • Tools for change
  • Removing obstacles & resistance

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