What We Do

As a Business Management Consulting Firm, we work with different types and sizes of companies. Our associates have experience in large and mid-sized organizations, including public, private, non-profit and higher education. We’re big enough to tackle complex business problems across a global organization, yet small enough to ensure that you’ll get our direct and focused attention if you’re a mid-sized company or non-profit organization.

For more than 20 years, we’ve been helping organizations as they grow, shrink and struggle with day-to-day issues like losing clients, building revenues and dealing with inefficient processes. We’ve mastered the art of figuring out what our clients need when they can only identify the problems that they’re having, or “where they would like to be”.

The work that we do is:

  • Field-tested: the processes that we use are consistent and repeatable – based on years of experience
  • Client-oriented: everything we do is customized to each client’s problems and goals
  • Reusable: the end result of the work we do is usually a “deliverable” that our clients can use internally or externally
  • Measurable: we set measurements for every engagement in advance to ensure that our work is tied to realistic targets

We quickly assess the situation that may be affecting your organization, your partners, or your sales. Then we develop a solid working solution and implement it.

We call this scientific approach our “3P” method of business consulting – poking, prodding and producing – in order to:

  • Evaluate the symptoms of the problem, using highly focused assessment skills
  • Identify the specific issues contributing to the problem and getting in the way of your desired outcomes
  • Prescribe a solution using a variety of skills ranging from strategic planning to business management, marketing and analysis
  • Deliver what is needed in the most efficient and longlasting way possible