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Meet Pamela Campagna

Pamela is a business and marketing strategy consultant and professor with 30+ years of experience.

Topics of Conversation

Connecting Education and Practice

Bridge the gap between academic theory and business practice.

Global Gravitas

Leverage and adapt personal assets to succeed in global business environments.

Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy

Develop the confidence, ecosystem, and determination to achieve entrepreneurial success.

Artifical Intelligence (AI) in Higher Education

Examine the role of AI in the classroom as a tool for students and a resource for educators to enhance learning experiences.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Business

Explore the practical applications of AI as a consultant working with global businesses to gain a competitive edge.

Cultivating a Growth Mindset

Delve into the importance of a growth mindset for leadership development, innovation, and resilience in personal and professional contexts.

I have over 30 years of experience in consulting, business, marketing, and entrepreneurship. As a Professor of Practice at Hult International Business School, I’ve spent the past decade empowering students with a growth mindset and strategic thinking to develop self-efficacy.

As the founder of BLUE SAGE Consulting, I help clients transform visions into achievements through strategic guidance and innovative marketing solutions.

My expertise is translating theory into real-world application through experiential learning and collaboration – in the classroom, conference room, or the boardroom.

On podcasts, I discuss:

  • Business and marketing strategies for sustainable growth
  • The transformative power of self-efficacy and growth mindset
  • Leveraging AI and data-driven insights for strategic decisions
  • The evolving landscape of higher education
  • Entrepreneurial journeys and lessons learned


I believe in proactive thinking and positive reinforcement in pursuing mastery. Self-efficacy is the cornerstone of my approach—believing in one’s ability to achieve is crucial for success.

I am eager to share insights and strategies with audiences looking to elevate their business acumen and personal growth. Let’s create an ecosystem that reflects our values and drives positive change in the world.

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